Double-jib “Tukan” cranes erection



Double-jib “Tukan” cranes erection



Kirow Ardelt GmbH Eberswalde, referred to as Ardelt, is a German crane manufacturer. The company specialises in manufacturing double jib level luffing cranes which are based on the patented double jib principle. Ardelt has produced more than 4,700 harbour cranes. Ardelt also makes single jib-level luffing cranes and balancer cranes. The range also includes a mobile harbour crane with a high gantry that is also based on the double jib system.



Alekon Holding AS is a leading Estonian enterprise, uniting several companies with various fields of aktivities related to supply and installation of handling equipment for ports and industrial plants, and also cargo terminals and logistics centre servises.



 Sea Commercial Port of Yuzhny, Ukraine

One of the leading ports on the Black Sea the port of “Yuzhnyi” was founded on 27 July1978, when the first ship “Bulduru” moored for loading with ammonia. Today, the port is one of the most promising hubs of Ukraine, which is located on the banks of Ajalyk estuary in the north-west coast of the Black Sea. This is a harbor of promising enterprises that can provide handling of more than 47.5 million tons of various cargoes per year. The high competitiveness of the port to other ports of Ukraine is conditioned by its geographical location, year-round guarantee safe navigation and uninterrupted cargo operations. The depth of the approach channel and at the berths allows acceptance of large fleet with a total load capacity of up to 200 thousand tons. The port of “Yuzhnyi” is a universal port, which specializes on handling ofent of chemicals and fertilizers, bulk, liquid bulk and general cargo.

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